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Post  Jay.P.A on Tue May 08, 2012 4:10 pm

Didn't really take notice of this, but ever since Match of The Day on Sunday, I've noticed this a bit more. After Shearer's assessment of the match, Lineker asked Shearer what he made of McLeish's situation at Villa. Shearer seems to think that us fans won't accept him, boo him, and don't like him because of his Birmingham City connections.

Villa fans tweeted to Gary Lineker and he basically said that it is Shearer's opinion, and he doesn't necessary reflect the BBC's or Lineker's opinions.

Then, on Monday, I was watching the extended highlights of the game on the Sky Sports website, and after saw Le Tissier's analysis of the whole situation - and he basically said the same thing, the ex-Birmingham connection.

Apart from Mat Kendrick, and maybe a few others, the pundits seem to all think the same thing, which is taking the piss.

OK - when McLeish was first appointed, a minority of the fans didn't like him coming to Villa straight from the Blues, but the majority of the fans accepted he was the boss and gave him a chance (including most of us here on Jwned).

"It's not where you're from, it's where you're taking us", aptly put.


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