So much bull!

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So much bull!

Post  jpr60 on Wed Oct 10, 2012 6:09 pm

From today's sports news:

1) There is no racism in Spanish football.
2) Putin is awarded an eighth dan in judo in Russia.

This sort of total crap weighs heavy yet national organizations are able to spout this sh!te on a daily basis.
Surely sport in general should be above this - sport is sport, if you're excellent at judo then yes, you can be awarded a top level but not because you're the current effin' warlord - if Spanish fans welcome players from different backgrounds equally OK but if so many of their fans regularly abuse people of obvious ethnic origins then effin' NO!
What does it take for Chrissake - John Terry to admit that he's educationally challenged and still believes that people who have a different coloured skin are inferior? The answer is probably YES!


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